How to Cope with Winter Blues

Are you experiencing winter blues?


The holiday season has come and gone, and now we push into the colder winter months. You may be feeling blue or melancholy, which is typical after Thanksgiving and Christmas. 


Let's talk about the science behind why you experience the "winter blues"! Did you know that the body's internal clock (circadian rhythm) is often disrupted during the winter and is more prone to depression? This is because of the reduced amount of sunlight in the fall and winter. Serotonin, a brain chemical that affects your mood, drops in the winter as well due to reduced sunlight exposure. These changes to your body are the reasons most adults struggle with seasonal depression in the winter. 


To help you combat the winter blues, we have created a comprehensive list of ways you can mitigate seasonal depression. 


Stock up on Vitamin D

  • The National Institutes of Health's recommended dietary allowance for Vitamin D is 600 international units (IUs) a day. Since we get so much Vitamin D from the sun, it is important to take a Vitamin D supplement during the winter months. 

Wear bright colors

  • Much like the mentality of "fake it till you make it" - wearing bright colors can be an automatic mood booster. If you tend to wear lots of black clothing - throw some splashes of color into your outfit each day. This simple and easy trick is bound to boost your mood.  

Start a project/new hobby

  • Are you bored or struggling to keep yourself busy? Look for a new project or hobby. Doing so will help occupy your time instead of sitting on the couch and watching yet another Netflix series (although we do love a good Netflix marathon).

Take a break from the news and social media

  • If you find yourself caught up in the news or social media, it might be a good idea to take a break and refresh! Turn off the TV and go for a brisk walk or listen to an encouraging podcast. 

Be active

  • Physical activity has been proven to boost your mood and decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety. Physical activity does not mean you need to train for a marathon! Start slow and build up to 30 or 60 minutes each day. We encourage starting with a brisk walk or some form of aerobic movement outside. 


While these are just a few suggestions, we would love to hear your thoughts on how YOU combat the winter blues. Everyone processes the changes of seasons differently but we hope one of these ideas works for you!


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